I'm looking to have AIS data ( Carbon + from True Heading) in real time on QGIS.

From AIS I got the data as following:


After using a specific software to read it that's how it come back:

466004000;under way ;128°'; 0.0kt;25.020450N;51.645125E;306.9°;511°;59s; 150324 000000;serial#1(A)[1] 

It seems that i can't load the txt file as coordinates are with "N" & "E".

Did someone tried already to import data from AIS in real time on QGIS?

Likely, someone will know how to transform the data directly from AIS, without using a specific software to read it.


In the QGIS delimited text import dialogue, you can write E Nin the field for other delimiters. This may destroy other fields with text content.

Alternatively, you can use a good text editor like notepad++ to replace all N; with ; and E; with ; before importing.

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