I've added a layer to a map via Leaflet. It's actually a circle around a point. This gets added perfectly. I'd like for it to be removed when I click a certain button. Here's how I'm creating the circle. I'm adding it to a group, as there are instances where there are multiple circles and I'd like to remove them all at once.

    var five_mile = L.circle([latitude,longitude], 11046,{
 var layers = assetLayerGroup.getLayers();

The console log shows me that there is layer data in the assetLayerGroup.

To remove the layer, I'm doing this:

$('#remove_cir').click(function() {

#remove_cir is the ID for the button I click to remove the circles in the group. There are no errors thrown when I click this, but the circle isn't removed.

What am I missing?

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I think its because you are adding the layer twice, once directly to the map (if that's what map_object is), and then again to the layer group.

This should work:

$('#remove_cir').click(function() {
    assetLayerGroup.eachLayer(function(layer) { map_object.removeLayer(layer) });

But it would be better to add your layer and layergroup to the map in a different way.

// on instantiation add it to the map as an empty layer group
assetLayerGroup = L.layerGroup([]).addTo(map_object); 

// then add layers to the layer group, but not to the map
// with this, clear layers should work on the layer group as you have above

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