I am attempting to integrate a iterative model into a master model to merge all of the outputs of the iterative model into one feature class. However, when I attempt to set the output of the sub-model (iterative) as the input for the merge tool, it will not allow it. I have attached two pictures of each model. Any suggestions?

I am using ArcMap 10.


Eric Iterative Model

Composite Model

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I have successfully manipulated the sub-model and the outer model to achieve my desired outcome. I ended up getting rid of the Collect Values tool and using the Append tool. I am attaching two images of the models for anyone in the future that might have the same issues. The top image is the iterated sub-model and below it is the composite outer model.


Iterated Model

Composite Model


I've not used Collect Values but was looking for something like it at 9.3 (am assuming it was new at 10) to use with Append, so I believe I understand your requirement.

I would expect that Collect Values would NOT be part of your iterated sub-model but would be an input to your Merge tool instead so that it can collect the values output by the multiple runs of your sub-model.

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