i am using Mapserver map file and Openlayers to display a polygon layer on the Google map. layer is displaying but that layer is not on the center. i have used map.setcenter, but i do not know the lat lon values of the polygon layer how do Io get these polygon values?


If it's a vectorlayer you can use the getDataExtent()-Method. Otherwise you can also just set the extent manually, grab the centerpoint for this extent and use this centerpoint to center the map:

Just move the map to the extent you like and get the coordinates in your console:

map.events.register("moveend", map, function () {
    var centerpoint = map.getCenter().toShortString();

Of course you can also just use map.getCenter().toShortString() in your console without registering the moveend-event.

jsfiddle here: http://jsfiddle.net/expedio/osyvowg0/

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