I am working with .osm files and am trying to filter entities based on tags. I need to view only entities containing both source and attribution tags. I used the following to successfully filter all source tags only:

osmosis --read-xml file = "northern_ireland.osm" --way-key-value keyValueList="source" 
--used node --write-xml northern_ireland_source.osm

From another tutorial, I've noticed that I would need to use a pipe: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Osmosis/Detailed_Usage_0.38

So I did the following:

osmosis --rx northern_ireland.osm --accept-ways source=* outPipe.0 = SOURCE

However, upon trying such code, I get a syntax error stating:

Argument does not contain a name before the '=' (i.e. name = value).

Any suggestions?


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You cannot combine filter options (condition A && condition B).

What you can do is filter in two different steps - first keep only ways satisfying the source condition and then filter the first step's result using the attribution condition.


./bin/osmosis --rx file=ireland.osm --tf accept-ways source=* --un --wx step1.osm

./bin/osmosis --rx file=step1.osm --tf accept-ways attribution=* --un --wx result.osm

This won't help you with reading OSM files locally, but you might try your query through the new MapQuest XAPI - http://developer.mapquest.com/web/products/open/xapi. I suspect it might give you back the info you need.

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