CartoDB is not georeferencing many of my locations in France. I am using postal codes, and specifying all of them are in France. CartoDB is able to georeference only about half of them. Any ideas?

  • I know it's an extra step but have you tried to pop them in here doogal.co.uk/BatchGeocoding.php? It will at least verify your postcodes as well as generate co-ordinates – MyFamily Mar 31 '15 at 8:22

This is the information available for polygon geometries for zipcodes in France, so I recommend you to check if your data is there. The dataset is available here.

If you're using the georeferenciation as points, could you share the table or a couple of zipcodes which are not working?

There are several possibilities here:

  • Zipcode data is not recognized
  • Zipcode data is not in CartoDB geocoding database
  • Your account run out of quota while geocoding
  • Internal error

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