I'm building an application that can accept a shapefile/mapinfo/feature class/spatialite table/etc. So - various formats from various vendors/organizations.

So let's say the user is going through a wizard to import data (or visualizing that data in plan view)...is there generic term for spatial data? Something that a typical user would understand that would differentiate it from a text file or standard table? This isn't a GIS product - it just makes use of GIS data. It is not limited to use in one area of the world.

Anyone have any experience with lowest common denominator terminology for beginner/intermediate users (advanced users would just figure it out I suppose)? What is most obvious?

    Spatial data?
    Spatial file?
    Geospatial data/file?
    Geographic data/file/table?
    Data with one weird column/file that I can't understand?

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