I am trying to import a shapefile using desktop QGIS to postgreSQL database using the import shape file to postgresql database tool but it raises the following error:

Problem inserting features from file: E:/MOA/sample point identification/EthioWoredaandZones_csa2007/EthioWoredas_csa2007.shp

The database gave an error while executing this SQL:

INSERT INTO "public"."EthioWoredas_csa2007"("REGIONNAME","ZONENAME","WOREDANO_","WOREDANAME","the_geom") VALUES ('Addis Ababa','Region 14','140104','B... (rest of SQL trimmed)

The error was:

ERROR: Geometry type (Polygon) does not match column type (MultiPolygon)

How can I import this shapefile into postgeSQL and manipulate it?

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SPIT don't allow import Multipolygon geometry in PostGIS database (QGIS, Postgis: Geometry type does not match column type). Use DB Manager tool to import MultiPolygonal geometry.


The easiest way to solve this is to save a copy of your shapefile using QGIS and set the Geometry type as Polygon.

These are the steps:

  • add shapefile layer to QGIS
  • right-click layer on layers panel
  • save as..
  • select Polygon in the geometry type dropdown list
  • try again using DB Manager

I had the exact same issue and its an error whereby it loads the first record into PostGIS and determines its type based on that therefore if the first record is a normal polygon it will return an error when it eventually hits a multipolygon record.

The workround for this is to copy and paste a multipolygon record as your first record in the table and then it imported fine for me into PostGIS.

PostGIS Multipolygon


I've come across the same problem and manage to get around it by transforming my geometries with shapely. In my case I was using psycopg2 and ST_GeomFromWKB({geom!s}::geometry, srid)...format(my_wkb_geometry)

from shapely.geometry.multipolygon import MultiPolygon
from shapely import wkt
from shapely import wkb

#With w being a wkt expression of the geometry obtained by feature.geometry().exportToWkt()
def poly2multi(w):
    p = wkt.loads(w)
    m = MultiPolygon([p])
    gw = wkb.dumps(m).encode('hex')
    return gw

It took me some time to figure out so I hope this helps !


I think it has something to do with fact that your geometry is MultiPolygon instead of Polygon that is used in your layer. I remember there is a conversion tool for handling this problem during import.

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