My purpose is to create a DEM raster in GRASS 7.0.0 starting from a shapefile containing contour lines.

The attributes table has a field named QUOTE_INT containing the elevation as integer.

I started importing the shapefile with the command v.in.ogr.

Here I'm stuck because when I run the command v.to.rast I obtain a raster filled monochromatically instead of a raster containing the contour lines coloured based on their elevation.

What am I doing wrong?

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I found the problem and solved it. it was related to the region resolution (I thought that the measurement unit for the field Grid resolution 2D was meter and I inserted the value 1 in that field because I wanted the region to have a 1m res, but printing the output I saw that the region had only 1 cell in that way... so I deduced that the measurement unit for that field was degree).

I solved it changing the number of rows and columns of the region before running the command v.to.rast.

  • We need to know the error message in order to help you...
    – markusN
    Apr 8, 2015 at 19:27

If you post the exact command you are using, it should be:

v.to rast input=<your contour input vector> output=ctour_raster use=attr column=QUOTE_INT

Then use the contour raster in r.surf.contour:

r.surf.contour input=ctour_raster output=dem

For more options you can read this wiki page


Follow the example from the GRASS wiki.

Since you get a monochromatical raster I assume you have to apply r.colors. You can use e.g. srtm or terrain as color code. See also: http://grasswiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Color_tables

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