I am trying to get some nice looking RGB images for visualization purposes, mainly using as background maps, from the Landsat 8 archive. I was following the tutorial provided by Markus Neteler at http://courses.neteler.org/processing-landsat8-data-in-grass-gis-7/ and http://courses.neteler.org/processing-landsat-8-data-in-grass-gis-7-rgb-composites-and-pan-sharpening/ using WinGRASS-

The steps I used so far

Import the tiles for scene LC81740382014220LGN00 using r.in.gdal

Set the computational region using

g.region rast=LC81740382014220LGN00_B1

Convert the digital number data (DN) to reflectance

i.landsat.toar input=LC81740382014220LGN00_B output=LC81740382014220LGN00_refl metfile=D:\Landsat\LC81740382014220LGN00_MTL.txt

Balance the colors

 i.colors.enhance red=LC81740382014220LGN00_refl4@LandsatImport green=LC81740382014220LGN00_refl3@LandsatImport blue=LC81740382014220LGN00_refl2@LandsatImport


d.rgb red=LC81740382014220LGN00_refl4 green=red=LC81740382014220LGN00_refl3 blue=red=LC81740382014220LGN00_refl2

which gives already a nice looking composite. But further on

i.pansharpen red=LC81740382014220LGN00_refl4@LandsatImport green=LC81740382014220LGN00_refl3@LandsatImport blue=LC81740382014220LGN00_refl2@LandsatImport pan=LC81740382014220LGN00_refl8@LandsatImport output=LC81740382014220LGN00_copy_brovey method=brovey

and then again

d.rgb red=LC81740382014220LGN00_brovey_red green=LC81740382014220LGN00_brovey_green blue=LC81740382014220LGN00_brovey_blue

results in reddisch rgb composite enter image description here

balancing the colors

i.colors.enhance red=LC81740382014220LGN00_brovey_red@LandsatImport green=LC81740382014220LGN00_brovey_green@LandsatImport blue=LC81740382014220LGN00_brovey_blue@LandsatImport

results in enter image description here

Any ideas where something went wrong?

In addition: I also tried installing the i.fusion.hp extension but failed. My Grass installation is located in C:\grass70 and i extracted the archive to C:\i.fusion.hpf-master . After switching to the extension folder running

Makefile:7: ISBASE/include/Make/Script.make: No such file or directory
Makefile:8: ISBASE/include/Make/Python.make: No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target
`ISBASE/include/Make/Python.make'.  Stop.

Where does the G in GISBASE go?

  • In order to compile an add-on, you need to have GRASS GIS' source code. Please read the respective README file. I have no access to a Windows machine. Someone, though, has installed and used i.fusion.hpf under Windows, as can be seen in this "issue" discussion. – Nikos Alexandris Apr 8 '15 at 21:13
  • As for the i.pansharpen process, please post the range of raster values just before calling i.pansharpen, for example, what does r.info -r LC81740382014220LGN00_refl4 report? Check also gis.stackexchange.com/a/67319/5256. – Nikos Alexandris Apr 8 '15 at 22:01

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