I want to create my network by using a GTFS file. I already opened a network dataset but when I load the GFTS to network dataset tool it gives me some errors.

Can someone please help? Below is a screenshot of the error:

enter image description here

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    Can you provide more details on your process; furthermore, where are you getting the GTFS data from? What are you trying to achieve?
    – dassouki
    Apr 2 '15 at 11:48
  • this is odd. I use the same analyst extension, my GTFS file doesn't have the wheelchair_boarding column, and it's never complained -- I would try adding the column with 0's as per user1886721's suggestion.
    – jmcbroom
    Apr 2 '15 at 16:07

That error suggests your GTFS data is missing the (optional per spec IIRC) wheelchair_boarding column. Maybe try adding this column in using Excel / LibreOffice?

If that doesn't help, there is a line number in the Python file that should get closer to the issue.

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