In R The Volcano dataset has elevation values, but is not a DEM file. How can I convert my DEM files (from earthexplorer.usgs.gov) so that the I can access all the elevation values in a matrix (what is returned by volcano)? I am trying to use r2stl() with the data.


You can use the raster package:

dem = raster.open("a_dem')
# plot with R

enter image description here

# convert the raster to a matrix (as Volcano)
demmat = as.matrix(dem)

Now, you can apply the same procedure as in r2stl/demo/Maungawhau.R

z = demmat
x = 1:dim(demmat)[1]
y = 1:dim(demmat)[2]
r2stl(x, y, z, filename="dem.stl", show.persp=TRUE)

Result with MeshLab:

enter image description here

  • Thanks @gene .as.matrix() creates z values, but I'm still getting strange results. Most of my dems are spiky and if it is smooth r2stl seems to create a 1x1 x something less than 1, even if my x and y values are not equal-distorting the model. Is there a way to get a solid stl file with r2stl that is closer to the results from writeSTL (which just creates a surface) dem <-raster("dems_10m.dem") demmat <-as.matrix(dem) dem[is.na(dem)] <- 0 z <- demmat x <- (1:nrow(z)) y <- (1:ncol(z)) r2stl(x,y,z, filename="crater.stl") – larum Apr 6 '15 at 16:15

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