I have a polygon layer with 5 hierarchical levels. I added 3 fields to indicate the level and the group. The hierarchy is also shown spatially, ie. a big polygon contains the other lower level polygons that are contained in that group.

What is the best tool to create diagram of hierarchical tree from the data?

I don't have license for Schematics or Visio. I have Excel 2007. polygons enter image description here


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There is a free program called yEd which can create flowcharts and hierarchical diagrams. One of the import formats is Excel. You could export your layer as an Excel File using the Table To Excel tool.

I spent about five minutes trying to import a hierarchical file that I created with three levels with mediocre success. I didn't read the help though. You might also want to try exporting your data as some form of XML which yEd can also read.

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