How to create/select a unique Identifier OID in case I have a table view in oracle and none of the fields or their combination can be unique. The process of selecting OID is described here and here.


Not only does a registered rowid column need to be INTEGER (32-bit), POSITIVE, NON-ZERO, NOT NULL and UNIQUE, it also needs to be reproducible on subsequent invocations. It is not possible to manufacture a field on the fly which meets this reproducibility requirement.

Therefore the only way to generate a rowid for such a non-unique view is to populate a table with whatever combination of attributes are unique, add a sequence-fed NUMBER(38) value to that table, and then join the new table into the view.

It may be possible to produce a join which performs adequately for some use cases, but it is unlikely to perform well in all use cases. For this reason, it is highly advised to find or make a field in the existing tables which does meet the required characteristics, or to manifest the view as a table (updated as frequently as necessary), where a reproducible value can be persisted. (The side effect will be improved performance over the source view in all use cases.)

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