I am working on visualization of a model farm I have developed consisting of various types of grazing land, cropping areas and other. As I have constructed it myself, I don't have an image with it for display. I am looking for symbology options I can use in ArcScene to give it a realistic touch. I have tried to use picture but it doesn't work well. Here, the screenshots below shows the things I've tried with 3D texture fill sumbol and picture fill symbol. I don't have many options in the texture one and it looks all the same if I use the grass1 or grass2 as symbols for grazing or cropping land. As this is a created farm, not an actual one on earth, so I obviously don't have any aerial images or satellite images for the farm area, which would have been great, therefore, I am not sure how I can make it look real. I want to make a fly over animation from this once I make it look more real. I have draped a DEM on the farm landscape in ArcScene. Any ideas?

Farm Landscape

Farm Landscape with Elevation data in ArcScene

3D textures available

Result of using 3D texture

Using Picture as Symbology

Result of Picture Symbology

  • What do you mean by 3D symbology? Your second image appears to have draped your land use classification over a DEM. Are you looking for realistic textures to use instead of the flat colors used in the current symbology? Or are you wanting a current aerial/sat photo of the area which you can still see with your land use classification on top of it? Can you provide a screenshot of what you tried and didn't like?
    – Chris W
    Commented Apr 7, 2015 at 22:32
  • Thanks Chris, you made my day again.......Yes I wanted to increase the size of the tile and by increasing the value in x and y, it worked! It looks more real now.
    – Juwairia
    Commented Apr 9, 2015 at 0:39

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The problem is partially going to be a function of scale. Depending on the scale of your map, any given texture might look incorrect because of the pattern/detail it's trying to represent. Easiest to see just by going to Google maps and turning on sat imagery and zooming in and out and noting how crops just become a blur. In your example, if you like the individual tile but not the grid pattern it produces, try upping the x and y scale in the dialog box you show in your last image. That controls how big a single tile is, so with fewer (or one) tiles you may get the effect you want.

You could also go onto Google maps (or other imagery) and locate a land pattern you like, perhaps even at the right scale to match your map, screenshot it and crop it to a square tile, and use that instead of the included textures - also playing with the texture tile scale. Note that if you use this method it can be tricky getting a pattern that tiles together nicely without obvious seams (as evidenced in your first attempt there).

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