I have a map from table. Let the table be TABLE1. Now That I have created Thematic Map from Column1 of this table. Again I executed the following query

Select * from TABLE1 where TABLE1.column1 ="someVal" into TABLE2
Add Map auto  Layer TABLE2

Now that new table has been created the old thematic layer does not work. Again I create new thematic layer from TABLE2 and execute following query

Select * from TABLE1 where TABLE2.column1 = "otherVal" into TABLE2. 
 Add Map auto  Layer TABLE2

Thus again thematic map I created is lost.

I have created buttons to execute these query but each time I click the button the thematic layer is lost. Is there any way that I could preserve the thematic layer and apply it to TABLE2 for all select query executed.

Actually the motive was to use thematic map that was created for TABLE1. But as the points or value change in each selection and points of thematic layer remains constant and lie in same initial coordinate the thematic layer becomes unusable.

What is the right solution for reusing thematic layer in each Query?


If you are doing this through the GUI and not via MapBasic then you can make use of the thematic template functionality to save a thematic template from the original thematic (TABLE1) and then apply it to subsequent query tables, you cannot do this using built in MapBasic functionality though.

  • Thanks for you answer Well I want to do this using mapbasic program
    – kinkajou
    Sep 8 '11 at 4:43

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