I actually did this a few weeks ago but I can't remember how.

I want to create points on the perimeter of a set of polygons at a specific distance interval. I am using ArcMap.

I could do Polygon Vertices to Points, but that would only give me points on the vertices, which I don't necessarily want. What I want is a regular set of points on the perimeter of the polygons.

This is my base polygons:

Base Polygons

And this is what I would like to get (the points at regular intervals):

Final Points

Any ideas?

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You could Use the Densify tool and set as parameter the distance you want between the point.

Then you do a polygon to point processing

  • That worked pretty well. I think it's not how I did it the first time around (I can't remember how...) but it works just fine. Thanks! Apr 7, 2015 at 15:42

In ArcGIS Pro you can use the Generate Points Along Lines tool in the Data Management Toolbox.

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