I need to create a lot of points with lots of attributes, but most of the fields are the same, so I don't want to edit all the fields all the time. Is there a "remember previous fields" function available? enter image description here

  • I know of ways to address this in ArcGIS (feature templates, some editing tricks), but not QGIS. The quickest way I know would be to only edit the attributes that are different as you create them, then when you're done open the attribute table, select records that will share a value, and Field Calculate all those records to have the same value for that field. It's a bit more work than having it filled out, but at least you only have to type the value once. – Chris W Apr 8 '15 at 19:55

In QGIS, try Settings -> Options, Digitizing tab:

Feature creation
[x] Reuse last entered attribute values.

This works for newly created objects, but not if you fill in data of already existing objects.

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Could you make use of the Quick Multi Attribute Edit plugin? You can create a number of points first, select a group of them, and bulk edit common attributes using the plugin.

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If you are entering house number points please also try the house numbering qgis plugin:


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