I can get street maps from openstreetmaps.org (XML) and convert it into WKT with the tool osm2wkt.

There are several people creating specialist public transport maps:

  • The Transport Map layer on OSM's front page by Andy Allan
  • Öpnvkarte (öpnvkarte.de) (Also available at openbusmap.org for those with no Ö accessible}
  • Openptmap (openptmap.org)
  • OpenStreetBrowser (openstreetbrowser.org)
  • OSMTransport (3liz.fr) - as per city javascript overlays
  • LatLon.org's public transport layer
  • OpenMap.lt public transport layer
  • OSM Transport Karte Map for Trucks and Cars

However, there is no way to get the XML or WKT format map. How do I get public transport maps in WKT format?

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Public transport is made out of the basic elements of OSM. Nodes for the stops, ways for the highway-segments and relations as containers to group all together for the single public transport routes. Thus it has a more detailed level of data than what you like to consume.

So you need to create a processing that matchs your requirements. You can use pretty different tools that are able to filter and transform OSM geodata. Some example workflows are:

So you will need filter->transformer->exporter and get WKT. But simply using osm2wkt (which is AFAIK not well known at the community just doesn't work ;-)

  • thx a lot. I am working on it. Further, how can I get a remote village map? Apr 20, 2015 at 12:36

Just placing this here : a nifty python script https://github.com/KaunilD/osm2wkt which will convert as the name says an osm to a wkt.

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