I'm working with Geocortex Essentials configuring a viewer based on the Viewer for HTML 5.2.2. My workflow is functioning as designed, confirmed by the correct placement of pushpins. What I really want is the result set from my workflow to be highlighted on the screen (yellow would be great). How do I change the highlight color in the HTML5 viewer? Is this functionality the Silverlight viewer has but HTML5 viewer currently lacks?


Depending on how you are presenting the results, you can set the highlight color two different ways.

If you are using a Select Features activity, you can choose a highlight color in the layer properties for the layer in Essentials Manager.

If you are using a Run External Command activity to add markup, you can use the Update Graphics Layer activity to re-set the renderer that will be used in the markup layer.

Note: for Geocortex product-specific questions, you should also ask on the Latitude Geographics forums for a faster response.

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