I have a set of LineStrings (streets) and a set of rectangles (atlas pages extents) that could overlap each-other.

And now I want to create a legend for an atlas like

street1, pages: 1,2
street2, pages: 2,3


page1, streets: 1,2,3,5
page2, streets: 2,4,5,6

Page numbers are rectangles' attribute. So I need to spatially join attributes, but relations between streets and pages are many-to-many and QGIS Spatial attributes join allows me only two options: write first occurrence or aggregate over attributes values.

In other words, I want to get the analog of Postgis spatial join like below and write it out (in .csv or other format):

select page.number, street.number, street.name 
   street, page
   ST_INTERSECTS(street.geom, page.geom)

I could run a python script that will iterate over pages, take streets, and write cross joined attributes into a .csv file. But maybe somebody already done this before and has published a solution?


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I've made a script for this task https://github.com/kiselev-dv/QGIS-Processing/blob/attributes_crossjoin/scripts/spatial_cross_join_attributes.py

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