I'm running a model that breaks a dataset into several dbf tables based on a query. However, only half of the query is being honored.enter image description hereenter image description here

The PopDenZone field is not being accepted and I am getting other values in the output, but not all of the total, maybe 50-100 records are being thrown into the output from other Density Zones.

Anybody know what could be causing this behavior? The portion of the query where I need specific Priority Descriptions is working correctly.

Using ArcGIS 10.1


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Do you need parentheses around part of the expression? Either of the following could be correct, but I assume it is the latter.

(PopDenZone = 'CPSE URBAN' AND Priority_Description = 'Life Threat') OR Priority_Description = 'Urgent Medical' 

PopDenZone = 'CPSE URBAN' AND (Priority_Description = 'Life Threat' OR Priority_Description = 'Urgent Medical')

Perhaps try parentheses around the expressions. I think what you're trying to say is:

PopDenZone = 'CPSE URBAN' AND (Priority_Description = 'Life Threat' OR Priority_Description = 'Urgent Medical')

It's worth noting that:

(x AND y) OR z

is different to:

x AND (y OR z) 

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