I would like to have a simple text file(s) with following reverse geo-codes information for all the countries (i.e. world):

Coordinates -- Address


12.96779, 77.65306 -- #7, Jeevan Bima Nagar Main Rd, 10th Main, DOS Colony, New Thippasandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560075, India

First I tried to call Google maps API, but it has its limitation of number of API calls per day. In case of OSM, there is no such limitation but at .00001 precision, it will take several years to get just 1 square degree!

We downloaded planet.osm (550 GB after extration) and planet.osm.pbf for offline database/server creation. However, we are unable to find a way out of it to re-create the server locally and make the API calls which will be fast enough.

Is it possible to get/purchase such reverse geo-codes of near Google-Maps like accuracy for our offline usage?

Otherwise, is there a full proof link which teaches, how to create a OSM like local server out of .osm or .osm.pbf? (Have tried many of them so far, but no success)

[Note: Previously I had asked slightly related question]

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    Your question is not quite clear to me. Do you just want a database with world-wide addresses and corresponding coordinates? Or all geographic coordinates in steps of .00001 degrees with their corresponding addresses? The latter would be roughly 3 billion entries, most of them pretty useless. – scai Apr 16 '15 at 12:49
  • @scai, later would be better (i.e. reverse geo-codes), as I can optimize the unwanted addresses. However, if the former is available (i.e. geo-codes) is also good assuming that it covers all the addresses possible. Is there any such database or way to retrieve that? – iammilind Apr 16 '15 at 13:27
  • The former is implicitly contained in OpenStreetMap. Try to get familiar with OpenStreetMap's data model, i.e. elements and tags until you continue reading about how addresses are represented. – scai Apr 16 '15 at 13:30
  • @scai, as a team we tried lots of options by using various tools. It seems less support for latest versions of some of the pkg. Our intention was to setup OSM locally and get reverse geocodes. – iammilind Apr 17 '15 at 2:45
  • If you have problems setting up a local OSM database then please ask a separate question about this new issue. – scai Apr 17 '15 at 6:58

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