I am a little bit lost here.

working in QGis 2.8, OS X 10.10.

I have a polygon shp in the CRS

EPSG: 21781, CH1903 / LV03

and a point file in

EPSG: 4326, WGS84

How would I work with these Layers if I i.e. want to perform a Select by Location? Simpy by "Right Click on the Layer -> Properities -> Change CRS to one of the two CRS" its not done... When displaying them then the one I tried to reproject gehts put in the middle of nowhere...

Some theory on that would also be nice... It seems I am missing some knowledge here.

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You have to transform the vector layer with a right click on it > "Save as..."

enter image description here

You will save a new vector layer (for example "points_21781.shp"). Change the CRS in your 21781, CH1903 / LV03. The new vector layer will have the right CRS.

  • I could swear I tried that before! It works, thanks!
    – four-eyes
    Apr 15, 2015 at 9:48

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