I never used python but now I need a code to do this calculation:

I'm doing this:

math.atan(math.fabs( !Y2! - !Y1!)/math.fabs( !X2! - !X1!) )*(180/math.pi)

Could you do something like:

Pre-Logic Script code:

def mathFunction(y1, y2, x1, x2):
  return math.Atan(math.fabs(y2-y1) / math.fabs(x2-x1)) * (180/math.pi)

Field = (on the bottom)...populate with your fields for y1,y2,x1,x2

mathFunction(!FIELDY1!, !FIELDY2!,!FIELDX1!,!FIELDX2!)

See Python doc on the math module.

Here is a screenshot


Are you looking for atan2 ? It's precisely meant to deal with this signs mess.


  • I'm looking for atan – AndM Apr 16 '15 at 16:25

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