I am calculating a field based on two other fields in ArcMap 10.2 using python.

My Pre-Logic Script Code is

def myfunc(legend,Btype):

if(legend == 'Apple'):
    return 'Banana'
elif(legend == 'Cranberry'):
    return 'Date'
elif(legend == 'Elderberry'):
        return 'Grape'
        return 'Mango'
    elif Btype is None:
        return 'Olive'
        return 'Pear'
    return 'Raspberry'

Mostly this function works, however in the case that legend is "Elderberry" and Btype is "Null" the function returns "Null" rather than "Olive"

The problem only occurs when I nest the "is None" in the if statement.

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Move your "is None" check up to the first evaluation.

if Btype is None:
  return 'Olive'
elif (Btype.startswith('Fig')):
  return 'Grape'
  return 'Mango'

Basically, if Btype is null, you can't do .startswith, etc. on it.

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