I am trying to add a geojson layer with interactive functionality to my leaflet map. I am mostly using this (dated)blog: http://palewi.re/posts/2012/03/26/leaflet-recipe-hover-events-features-and-polygons/

My result to date:

  • it changes the style of a selected feature on mouseclick
  • a popup come up on mouseclick
  • it changes the style back on mouseover

Could anybody help me with this question:

How can I change back the style on the next mouseclick instead of mouseover?

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you can use global variables to keep track of the current layer and popup; then reset these when you click to move to a new layer highlight:

// declare these in global scope, e.g. after setting highlightStyle
// name these whatever you want, case doesn't matter

layer.on("click", function (e) {
  // start by clearing the existing highlighted layer and popup, if they exist
  if (CURRENTLAYER) CURRENTLAYER.setStyle(defaultStyle); 

  // keep a reference to the current layer that you are about to highlight
  CURRENTLAYER = layer; 

  // the remainder of your code can stay as it is...
  // but, *after* constructing the popup, keep a reference to that, too

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