I have a GeoServer 2.0.2 and I send POST requests using mobile devices. I would like to see how the incoming POST request HTTP headers are formatted, especially what kind of character encoding and response type are provided by the client.

How can I setup GeoServer and/or Jetty to provide me with these informations?

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You can capture the entire tcp stream using e.g.

tcpdump -i interface_name port 8080 -w /tmp/capture

after the capture is complete you copy the file from the server to some station and use wireshark to decode the capture.


You can install and configure the logback tee filter as documented here:


The Tee filter seems to dump both request and response headers.

another solution builtin in geoserver, does not meet user requirements

Edit the web.xml file in


then scroll down until you reach the filter called 'Request Logging Filter' and enable it. Restart geoserver to apply the new cfg.

  • I have tried that, but it doesn't include the HTTP headers.
    – Chau
    Sep 5, 2011 at 11:29
  • Then I'm afraid you'll have to either use a proxy like Charles or tcpdump the traffic as suggested in another solution.
    – unicoletti
    Sep 5, 2011 at 12:31

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