I have a new shapefile layer in CRS 3857, in a project that has the same CRS. Under project properties, the measure tool is on ellipsoid WGS 84.

When i use the field calculator to create a new field for the layer and use the function "$area", the fields get filled with the correct values.

Now when i use the field calculator to add a virtual field with the function "$area", the values in the field represent the area value of the features calculated without ellipsoid (None/Planimetric).

Is there a way to make the virtual field function use the same Ellipsoid setting as the normal field calculator?

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    For as far as i can read on the forums and already posted questions, it seems like this is a bug in QGIS (i'm using 2.8.1). I reported an issue on it here : hub.qgis.org/issues/12622 Not sure if there is a solution currently available. – Max Apr 22 '15 at 21:52

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