I was trying to use the solution on this thread and my I am unable to get it to work. Specifically, layer._hideLayersInLegend does not exist anywhere in the scope of the LegendControl of my version of CMV, it is undefined. Do I need to add this somewhere?

CMV Configure Dynamic Layer to not display all sub layers

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I'm not sure whether the answer you pointed to actually solved the problem or not - Only because I've never reviewed it or tested it.

Look at issue 347 in the CMV GitHub repo for some more recent discussion. In that discussion I provided a solution (more of a work-around) by using CSS to hide the DOM node for the particular sub layer(s) like this:

div#louisvillePubSafety-4-sublayer-control {
    display: none;

You'll need to combine that with setting the ImageParameters for the layer you want shown. There is a link to that in the discussion I referenced. Here is a direct link: issue 198

  • Thanks, those posts help with what I was trying to figure out.
    – asyncgis
    Commented Apr 21, 2015 at 14:55

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