Let's say I have a layer with buildings which is only shown when the scale is higher than 1:10000. When the scale is higher than 5000, I want them to show its function color (retail, residential, ...) and otherwise remain grey. I found the option to do that in Layer-Properties > Style > rule-based, either by typing in the scale in the Min. scale column or by multiselecting the attributes and then clicking Refine current rules where I can enter a scale value. Min. scale can be entered manually, but in more than one instance at once. (?)

Is there no other possibility to change the scale or appearance of the selected lines than going through them one-by-one?

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You can save the layer style as an sld and open the style in a text editor. Just copy and replace the values you want. But remember that sld does not keep all the qgis symbology. It is not 1 to 1.

If you are confortable with editing text file then you will just need to search and replace the scale.

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