what I am trying to do is to generate a heat map depicting the spatial distribution of certain species found in a lake, in association with their sex. For example, species_a+male or species_b+female or species_a+female and so on.Also, I will be assigning unique arithmetic values to every combination, e.g. species_a+male=1, species_b+male=2 and so on, in order to use this non-spatial data. So, the question is how can I do it? I already experimented with heatmaps or the simpler Topo to Raster method but nothing seems to do the trick.

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  • What exactly is this "heat map" intended to show, given that species (and certainly sexes) can overlap? What form will the input take? Could you give an example of such a map? – whuber Apr 22 '15 at 16:40