I am trying to get a handle on importing layers into qgis 2.6 using the "Add MSSQL Spatial Layer" option. I was able to import a layer successfully, but it seems to take a long time to render. Is there a way to handle layers from a database more efficiently? Are there plugins that you would recommend? Also, would it be better to use a Postgres server and add "PostGIS Layers" as opposed to what is being done now, which is adding mssql spatial layers through an Azure DB connection?


Hi have you tried adding a spatial index to your DB? to add a spatial index : Docs

After if the vector layer has a important number of elements, you can choose to display your objects depending on the level of zoom:

In layerProperties -> General

  • Juls, thanks for your response. Yes, I have already added a spatial index to the DB. Also, the current layer we are working with is not complex at all. Its just a shapefile with 56 elements in it. – Matthew Apr 22 '15 at 14:29

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