How do I make a conversion from WGS84 (longitude, latitude) to Kertau RSO using ArcGIS Android?

I looking into this for my project. Am I looking at the correct direction? I have following points in WGS84 103.78627623849339, 1.4367857974669223 and my output points in Kertau RSO 373636336, 5170376

GeometryEngine.project(point p, spatialReference sr1, spatialReference sr2)

Please advise.


The GeometryEngine.project() method is the right method, you just need to ensure your output spatial reference is correct.

SpatialReference srFrom = SpatialReference.create(3857) // WGS84
SpatialReference srTo = SpatialReference.create(3168) // Kertau_RSO_RSO_Malaya
// convert point
Point convertedPoint = GeometryEngine.project(point, srFrom, srTo);

A list of all supported projected coordinate systems can be found here.

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