I have created an OpenLayers.Control.MousePosition:

var coord = new OpenLayers.Control.MousePosition({
            prefix: 'You are here: ',
            separator: ' | ',
            numDigits: 5,
            emptyString: 'Mouse is not over map.',
            displayProjection: "EPSG:4326",


And a Toolbar:

  var toolBar = new Ext.Toolbar({
            items: [
                  xtype: "label",
                  text: "Scale = 1:  ",
                    xtype: 'displayfield',

This Toolbar is the tbar in my mapPanel:

var mapPanel = new GeoExt.MapPanel({
          region: "center",
          map: map,

Is there any posibillity to get the Value of the Mouse Position as a displayfield in my Toolbar? I already tried this: http://trac.geoext.org/attachment/ticket/195/195.1.patch, but my map is not working with " new GeoExt.Toolbar.ControlDisplay". Is there anything i can use instead?

I am using: OpenLayers 2, GeoExt and ExtJS.


It's working for me with a textfield (id: 'TextField') in the tbar and with the code:

var test= Ext.getCmp('TextField');

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