I am trying to make use of the built-in ArcObjects drawing tools (ie ControlsNewCircleTool) - but I need to listen for the events so I can add the drawing graphics to the database in our application. Is there an event or way to listen for when the user has drawn a new graphic and also modified it?


Try wiring IGraphicsContainerEvents to IMap.ActiveGraphicsLayer and listen for ElementAdded and ElementUpdated.

  • thanks Kirk! activeGraphicsLayer = (CompositeGraphicsLayer)mapControl.ActiveView.FocusMap.ActiveGraphicsLayer; IGraphicsContainerEvents_Event containerEvents = (IGraphicsContainerEvents_Event)activeGraphicsLayer; containerEvents.ElementAdded +=new IGraphicsContainerEvents_ElementAddedEventHandler(containerEvents_ElementAdded); } – Darren Sep 12 '11 at 13:59

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