I downloaded some SLC images from scihub.esa.int . And I want to extract Differencial Interferometry from them by using SNAP-ESA software.

How can I do it ?


InSAR on Sentinel-1 imagery would require the following steps in SNAP:

  1. Data input and baseline evaluation
  2. Coregistration and interferogram generation
  3. Computation of coherence
  4. Removal of topographic phase
  5. Phase filtering (multi-looking)
  6. Phase unwrapping (this is a critical task and strongly depends on the software)
  7. Conversion into vertical displacement values
  8. Geocoding

See also this tutorial: http://sentinel1.s3.amazonaws.com/docs/S1TBX%20Stripmap%20Interferometry%20with%20Sentinel-1%20Tutorial.pdf

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