I have a polygon shapefile and I want to generate a table of a count for each pixel value in each polygon. My main goal is to find out what pixel is most abundant in each polygon. I am using ArcMap 10.


Focusing on your main goal, simply compute a zonal majority of the value grid, using the polygons for the zones.

If you still want a count of each unique value within each polygon, provide the polygons with unique identifiers, convert them to a grid (having the same origin and cellsize as the value grid), and combine the two.

These operations require the Spatial Analyst extension.


The best tool I tried is "Thematic raster summery" implemented in Hawth tool . The result is a dbf file which is opened in excel. In this file, rows are your polygons and values inside columns represent the number of each pixels for a unique raster gridcode. Good luck.

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