Has anyone used / come across MapMaker GIS Software http://www.mapmaker.com?

A consultant has stated that they will use this for a piece of work involving GIS analysis and that it is compatible with ArcGIS.

The work will involve analysing many datasets, predominantly in SHP format to produce a land management strategy - the outputs of which will need to feedback into our corporate system (PostGIS server / ArcMap desktop).

From the website it seems that it will import SHP files, but no mention of export. It looks like a cartographic tool rather than capable of GIS analysis.

I would be grateful if anyone has used it and can comment on suitability for task and interoperability.


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    Looks like you can download 30-day trial here. Why don't you download it and give it a shot? – fod Sep 13 '11 at 14:24

MapMaker Pro will export

Excel spreadsheet As with DBF files you can import an Excel spreadsheet if it has columns for the coordinates. Note to import Access or Excel data you need Microsoft ADO, ADOX, and Jet Engine 4.0 installed.

Export files Remember that in Map Maker information on the appearance of styles is not stored in the vector file but is stored separately in style files. Some vector formats such as MIF and DXF files, contain stylistic information (e.g. line styles). This information is ignored both in import and export.

DXF When a DRA file is exported to a DXF file all the objects a placed in the default DXF layer called “0”.

ArcView shape files To export a DRA file as a SHP file

DBase file with X and Y (DBF) Conventional DBF database files can be used to store point objects. To be recognised as a legitimate vector file by Map Maker the DBF file must contain two columns containing the X and Y ordinates. A window similar to that for CSV files (above) is displayed where youshould choose the correct columns.

Microsoft Access MDB database As with DBF files you can import an MDB table if it has columns

NIMA VMAP0 (Digital Chart of the World) For importing VMAP0 data see the chapter on World Map Projections.

csv A file of comma separated text


The software is a little dated and there is no option for Geodatabase or KML export.

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    Thanks, I should have looked closer at the documentation. – gisuser Sep 13 '11 at 15:06

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