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I have done with a heat map shapefiles as shown below. But the results of heat map coordinates are not the same as the coordinates of shapefiles. Is there a procedure that is wrong?

shapefile and heat map with coordinate, qgis ver.2.8.1

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  • Thanks Vince, I used qgis ver.2.8.1.The step that I have taken : 1. Raster>> Heat Map, Radius= 600, >> OK.2.Layer Properties > style, > Singleband Ps.> classfy, > OK . Coordinate shapefile is 119.47882,-5.09288,with CRS wgs 84. And coordinate heatmap is 170,-441 with CRS wgs 84 too. – syafrauf May 7 '15 at 12:04
  • I can fix my problem with :Until it get fixed You can do as follows with one more step: Calculate heatmap as normal Create new raster with Raster > Projections > Warp(Reproject) - leave the original projection Magic - the new raster is exactly where it belongs :) I got this answer from @Joseph who gave helpful comment in the duplicate thread: QGIS 2.8 Raster Layers Moved and encouraged me to post it here. – syafrauf May 7 '15 at 12:12

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