I have build a simple workflow in FME 2014 (as shown in the image) to get data from an excel file and store them in a postgres database. For this purpose I use SQL Executor. I manage to pass all the data to the database but for some reason I can not see in the dialog box where I build the SQL Statement (in the properties of SQL Executor) the geom column which I have in my database table. Why this happens?

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It may be because you're using the Postgres format, which FME would class as non-spatial (or tabular). If you used PostGIS instead it might show you the geometry column.

Regardless, I agree with the other poster that the more usual approach would be to use a Writer, rather than trying to pass data through the SQLExecutor. Then geometry is handled automatically.

If you're new to FME, then please do feel free to contact the support team (http://safe.com/support) and ask for their assistance or guidance. Not that I'm against posting on this site, I just figure you might get quicker answers.

  • I tried to change the format from PostgreSQL to PostGIS but unfortunately it doesn't work either. Its quite strange that neglects the geometry column of my table. I also found out that in order to show the "user attribute" geometry (which comes from the excel file that I have) I need to use a transformer called "Geometry Extractor". But still this doesn't solve the problem with the missing geometry column. I will try the other approach you mention with the Writer. – user1919 May 8 '15 at 7:09

Assuming that it's point data (X Y Coordinates) in your Excel file, you could use the 2DPointReplacer 'Transformer' to create the point geometry, choosing your x and y coordinates accordingly.

It may then easier to use a PostGIS 'Writer' to insert the data into the database and let FME take care of the spatial table creation.

  • The coordinates are not stored inside the Excel but I want to take them from a shape file. Also this is not a one time insert of data but the database will be updated with new data regularly (new rows). So I need to have the structure defined in postgis. I still don't understand why the geometry column doesn't appear in the SQL Executor. Seems like that this datatype is not recognizable. – user1919 May 7 '15 at 10:23

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