For map matching of the GPS data to the network data, there is a algorithm from Schussler, N. & Axhausen, K. (2009a). Is this algorithm released under open-source license ? Where can I find this ?

"I know SF City implemented one of these algorithms to process gps tracks from a smart phone app they are using to track cyclists (cycletracks); and they released all of the code under an open-source license."- found in the below question.

What algorithm should I use to remove outliers in trace data?

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You can try OSRM. It's a great open source library developed by Mapbox.

The function of OSRM includes: map-matching, routing, near, etc. All these operations are based on OpenStreetMap.

It supports both windows and unix-like system. But building OSRM form source on unix-like system is bit arduous. you can refer to official site and a great tutorial to save your life.

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