I am trying to get familiar with MapProxy. I was able to install and start the demo page as well as the OpenStreetMap configuration from here: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/MapProxy

I am curious now about other sources, such as Bing Maps. Unfortunately I am not able to find the source URL of this service (like http://c.tile.openstreetmap.org/%(tms_path)s.%(format)s for OpenStreetMap).

I can figure out the domain name by evaluating the get calls in the browser when using Bing Maps. But all the parameters after the domain name are a riddle to me.

Is there a page that shows such sources of different web map services or are they maybe not even communicated?

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Not sure about MapProxy, but for Bing you can obtain tiles using the quadkey:


For a quadkey of 12021:


A bit of explanation on the quadkey:

To optimize the indexing and storage of tiles, the two-dimensional tile XY coordinates are combined into one-dimensional strings called quadtree keys, or “quadkeys” for short. Each quadkey uniquely identifies a single tile at a particular level of detail, and it can be used as an key in common database B-tree indexes.

Full explanation available at MSDN.

Google Maps uses x,y and z for zoom:


You just have to know which combinations are valid.

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