I have a database with a table with plots. This table has a spatial field for the area. Also, I have another table with the owners. An owner can own some plots, and there is an "id_owner" field in the plot table.

My question is if it is possible to use the table "owner" in QGIS? If I can show the data, or make queries or update fields in "owner" table.

I have searched before but I have not seen exactly this question.



  • You can open and edit non geometry table from PostGIS in QGIS.
  • You can open PostGIS views in QGIS. Also spatial views.
  • You can edit PostGIS views in QGIS, if you write an 'instead of trigger' in PostgreSQL.

enter image description here


To show non-spatial tables in QGIS 3.8:

  1. Right click on the database connection and click "Edit Connection" enter image description here

  2. Check the box to "Also list tables with no geometry" enter image description here

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