I have a clean install of PostGIS 2.1 in Postgres 9.3 on Ubuntu, using apt-get and postgres extensions.

Ran the data loading scripts from Waiting for PostGIS 2.1 - Install PostGIS Tiger Geocoder as an Extension.

normalize_address works well, but geocode returns no result.

Interestingly, reverse_geocode is able to find the state, but no finer detailed information.

SELECT pprint_addy(r.addy1) As st1, pprint_addy(r.addy[2]) As st2, pprint_addy(r.addy[3]) As st3, array_to_string(r.street, ',') As cross_str FROM reverse_geocode(ST_GeomFromText('POINT(-71.06941 42.34225)',4269)) As r;


st1 st2 st3 cross_str


Is this a data loading issue or a software install issue?


The link you provided (and other guides) don't go into any detail about setting up your environment paths in the tiger.loader_platform table. Check out Installing TIGER geocoder? which has more detail.

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