I'm working on an application written with Grass command in python and I have a projection problem. First I create a location with belgian lambert 72 (EPSG:31370) in Grass 7.0.

After importing all the environment variables I run this code:

gscript.run_command("r.in.gdal", input=path+"initialDEM.adf",flags='o', output="DEM")

Now I want to import the output raster (finalDEM) in QGIS. And I don't know why the projection change as you can see on the picture. (in red initDEM and in blue finalDEM)

The SCR of the raster finalDEM is USER:100000, *SCR generated .... Do you know why I have this change of projection? Do you know how I can avoid it in my python code?


Are you sure that the original "initialDEM.adf" is indeed in the EPSG:31370 coordinate system? Instead of importing with the "-o" flag, try to first create a new region that matches the import DEM by running:

r.in.gdal -c input="initialDEM.adf" location="belgium_lambert"

Then rerun r.in.gdal without the "-o" flag.

BTW, what are you trying to do in the above? Changing the region then doing r.out.gdal won't change the output DEM.

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