I installed PostgreSQL (9.4.1) and PostGIS (2.1.7) using Homebrew in Yosemite (10.10.3). I'm just starting my way through "PostGIS In Action." I've been starting and stopping the server in Terminal with pg_ctl, and interfacing with psql, since pgAdmin III wasn't playing nicely with the rest of my system.

I wanted to give the Boundless workshops/tutorials a whirl (as per the recommendations given in response to How do I get started with PostGIS?), but can't quite tell from the other Q&As here if OpenGeo Suite can comfortably coexist with my current PostGIS environment, and whether (as suggested in this response re command line functions in pgAdmin) I'd lose functionality if I operate through OpenGeo rather than the command line.

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The Boundless OpenGeo Suite packages should work alongside homebrew as long as you either don’t run them at the same time or change the port on one of them.

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