I do not understand what these different EPSG's mean, even though they are both under WGS84.

The way the latitude and longitude values displayed are different in both the cases when I try to change the projections from EPSG:4326 to EPSG:36232 using pyproj in Python.

Can you clarify if the units of latitude and longitude values differ?

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    Did you think of EPSG 32632 WGS84 UTM zone 32N? That has meters as units, while EPSG:4326 works in degrees. – AndreJ May 13 '15 at 10:10

As AndreJ assumed, I'm believe you meant EPSG::32632, WGS 1984 / UTM Zone 32 North. It's a projected coordinate reference system and its unit of measure is the meter, not decimal degrees. If your lat/lon coordinates fall within that zone, the values should range between:

Easting: 200 km to 800 km  
Northing: 0 km to 10000 km

EPSG 36232 is not a valid EPSG code: http://epsg.io/?q=36232

Why not just use EPSG:4326 if you want WGS 84.


I'm not sure if 'EPSG:36232' exists, but if does it is most likely to produce incorrect outputs. I'd advice you to use 'ESPG:4326' and transform it to 'EPSG:3857'.

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    There isn't any information in the question to determine whether EPSG::3857 is an appropriate CRS to use. – mkennedy May 13 '15 at 16:39

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