How can I convert features of a layer from POLYGON to MULTIPOLYGON? I know how to do that using the postgis function ST_Multi but how could I do to same thing for a layer in QGIS?

  • Seems to be a comment please expand on what your are asking – Mapperz May 13 '15 at 14:57

If you want to do it based on a field, you can do this in QGIS from the menu: Vector-->Geometry Tools-->Singleparts to Multipart (requires at least two poylgons to share an attribute that you specify).

There is a more direct equivalent to ST_Multi in OGR. I didn't find a way to access this specific OGR functionality through QGIS, but that could be done using GDAL/OGR like this ogr2ogr -nlt MULTIPOLYGON multipolygon_output.shp polygon_input.shp More details on -nlt switch are available on the ogr2ogr page.

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  • I mamanged to do it with GDAL/OGR as you said, thanks. Let's see if someone can find a solution to this directly in QGIS. – Egidi May 14 '15 at 13:17
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    In QGIS 3 the tool is now called "Collect geometries" – Jonathan Sep 7 at 16:19

While still waiting for the simple QGIS solution you can have a look at how it goes with OpenJUMP through the right-click menu:

enter image description here

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