So I made a simple leaflet map that has the Leaflet Draw plugin. I am only allowing users to add a marker. Leaflet is supposed to be mobile friendly, but when I open my website in a smartphone (Galaxy s5 chrome browser app), I cannot touch to create a marker on draw:created. Is there a specific procedure necessary to adapt the draw plugin for mobile touch events?

I looked at https://github.com/tablackmore/Leaflet.draw/tree/touch and tried to redirect my page to a new index which uses the "touch" draw plugin instead of the original plugin but still nothing is "drawing". This could be because it is not directing. I am using this script reference http://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/website/redirects/mobile-redirect. I want to redirect my site to mobile.html rather than index.html. Regardless of whether my redirect works or not, shouldn't the basic draw plugin work on mobile?

Does anyone have a working example of a leaflet map on a mobile device with drawing capabilities?

For what it's worth here is my project- but it is a novice example and quite messy: http://terpconnect.umd.edu/~melrose/DVA/index.html

PS. This map shows test data only- no real data is displayed.

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The draw plugin currently has no touch support. This is a much-asked-for feature, but it's not currently available.

You can use the Leaflet plugin "Simple Marker" which works perfectly fine with a mobile device. (only tested on iOS devices though). This plugin is only limited to drawing new points/markers. No polygon or line support, but your original question didn't specify those unsupported features.

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